We will see up close the absurdities and craziness of a painter and a musician. For them everything is possible in their world and they build their crazy reality as they like it most. “Baldin Bada” means “what if”, “what if” it is as we want? Why don’t give us opportunity to choose how we want to paint our reality. Between skills like paint with feet, make imposible balances and sing in very strange postures they will show us that in the end the brush is in our hands and we can paint the reality as we like it most. We all have the right to decide the colors we want to surround us.

Circus, theater, music and painting combination that won't left anybody indifferent. Contortion, acrobatics, dance and theater to tell us the mischiefs and adventures in which this two tender characters get into.


Genre: Circus-theatre

Public: All ages

Length: 45'

Format: Street theatre

Artistic Team

Original idea: Shakti Olaizola

Director: Jimena Cavaletti

Performers: Shakti Olaizola, Joseba Negro

Choreography: Maximiliano Sanford

Production: Shakti Olaizola

Contributors: Basque Government, L'Estruch Creation Factory, Kultur Leioa, Cultural Area of Bilbao City Council, Karola Zirko Espazio

Scenography: Atx Teatroa, Shakti Olaizola

Costume: Azegiñe Urigoitia

Photography: Barbara Govan, Naia Muñoz Murua

Video: Ivan Izagirre

Shakti Olaizola


© 2016 Shakti Olaizola

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